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LIC Premium Calculator - Calculate LIC Policy Premium & Maturity Benefits according to your Age, Sum Assured (Risk Cover). Search & Compare LIC Endowment Plan Premium , LIC Money Back Policy Premium , LIC Term Plan Premium , LIC Children Plan Premium & LIC Pension Plan Premium in LIC Premium Calculator Software.

A LIC policy is a one of the best way of investment in your family's future. It helps prepare for the unexpected of death, securing financial future of your when you are no more in this world. As a guardian, spouse or doting offspring, this is one of the best gifts that you can provide to your family. Although, purchasing a LIC policy is not a child play. The availability of LIC products in numbers and types are mind-boggling. In fact, there is no quick way to buy a life insurance plan. If you are looking for the perfect fit, shop around and compare different policies before making your decision then you need a calculator that can give an idea about various plans premium so that you can compare and choose according to you need.

We provide an online LIC premium calculator free download. It is also available in excel format to get excel format just download- LIC premium calculator excel format free download. This calculator helps you in various ways and to getting idea about a number of things about LIC plans. You just need to give input and you will get respective output for any LIC policy.

As soon as it performs calculation, it will be presented nice tabular format result. Result indicates premium in yearly, half yearly, quarterly and monthly basis. Result also represents service tax applied on it.

We provide Premium Calculators for all the LIC plans that are available in LIC and which provide Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and monthly Premium according to Sum Assured, Term and Age. Goods and Service Tax (GST) are also applicable on insurance premium, Premium calculators display applicable GST separately

To calculate premium amount you just need to fill your age, insurance term, expected sum assured and whether you want to avail policy benefits. LIC Premium Calculator with new service tax rates applicable from 1 July 2017 for all Insurance Policies from Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India.

LIC Premium Calculator is a software free download for android mobile, desktop, and laptop. It is an application which allows calculation and comparison of premium for various LIC policies.