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LIC Premium Calculator LIC premium maturity calculator provide premium details with GST tax and maturity amount also. Lic premium calculator tools provide premium in yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly mode also. LIC maturity amount equal to is Sum assured plus accumulated bonus plus final additional bonus..

Major Policies of LIC – There are various policies of LIC. Among the top five policies are as follows:-

LIC e-term Plan
ii.LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan
iii.LIC Jeevan Akshay
LIC Jeevan Anand
LIC Jeevan Saral

LIC Premium  calculator   Life Insurance Corporation of India Provides an instrument named LIC Premium calculator. It makes your life simple and easy. The policyholder can easily calculate the payable premium amount of a particular policy for a given maturity amount through the LIC Premium calculator. The maturity amount for a policy can also be known by this LIC Premium calculator. It also gives the amount of service tax which applied to the policy.

Benefits of LIC Premium calculator

LIC Premium calculator have several benefits. Among them, some are:- a) It is very easy to use b) The maturity amount can be known c) The premium amount can be known d) The amount of service tax can be known e) Give the suggestion for policy according to your age f) No cost for operating g) Save valuable time

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How is LIC premium calculated?

First you have to select LIC Plan then Select your age then select policy term and finally select Sum Assured (SA) then click on calculate premium. Premium calculator will show premium details in yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly mode.

How is sum assured calculated in LIC?

Sum Assured is basically Risk Cover amount means how much risk cover you want in LIC. Its depend on your can select any amount 50 lakhs or one crore or more. Your lic premium depend on your Sum assured and your age.

How much tax do I pay on LIC premium?

If you want plan LIC Plan then you have to pay GST tax . in first year LIC will charge 4.50% GST of Basic Premium and from second year LIC will charge 2.25% GST of your Basic Premium and this premium continue till policy term End.