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LIC New Children Money Back Plan(832) Premium Calculator

It is always said that today's youth is tomorrow's nation and children are the future of the world so it very important that they are provided with all their requirements that will make them dependent and serve the future of the country in better aspects as possible. The government also takes many initiatives for a child to educate them in their childhood as it is very important for children to study and reach greater heights. Education doesn't have any limitation because education is the right of every child to study till whatever they want to study. But the fulfillment of their dream is always parent’s responsibility.

The new children money back plan is specifically designed for the children during their growing stage to meet their education wedding and other requirements. This plan covers many benefits other than risk cover of the child.

There is no age minimum age limit for taking this policy but the maximum age would be 12 years and the age of maturity of the plan is 25 years.

This is a non linked money back scheme for individuals with a maturity of 25 years minus the age at which the policy is taken where the sum assured will be the maturity benefits which also includes bonuses paid. The pattern of the payment of the premium amount will be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The loan can also be availed on the policy which allows a grace period that is 15 days from the monthly payment or 30 days from the other modes of payments.

Benefits to the LIC new children money back plan

• The maturity amount which you receive after the completion of the plan is equal to the sum assured and also includes all accrued bonuses for the time you have paid the premium.

•The survival benefits that are available in the plan is 20% of the basic sum will be given it reaches the certain age milestones.

• If by any reasons the individual whose life is assured passes away after risk commencement during the policy period then the amount which is assured on the death as well as the accrued bonus till that time will be paid.

• If you are a policyholder then you are eligible for the profits that LIC gets through a bonus at the same time.

• If you wish to surrender the plan then you will get the minimum assured surrender value if you complete the lock-in period of 3 years.

• It also provides a rebate if you take a high premium amount that would help you to save money.

• In case of any kind of emergencies, you can avail loan under this plan.

How to Use LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator

The premium calculator will help to decide how viable is this policy for you comparing other policies which are available in the market and their pricing and choose the best plan which is suitable for you and make your decision accordingly.

In the premium calculator software you will have to enter the required details and then you will obtain the amount which you will receive on maturity and also the amount of premium to be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly whichever scheme you opt for and then you can know your benefits as well.

It is very easy to calculate your premium amount as there are many Free Online LIC and New Children Money Back premium calculator that would help you get these details very fast and plan your savings accordingly.

The Best online LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator is going to the website of LIC itself wherein you can get all the required details that pertain to the plan you're opting for because securing the career and the future of the child is very important so that their wishes and want their career are fulfilled.

Every parent dreams to give a beautiful career to the child and it is very important that you plan their future so that you can meet their requirement LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator Online helps you to get the complete details about the plan.

The LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator excel format free download will help you to have all the details of the according to different amounts where according to your budget you can plan your savings for the child as this provides the option of having different options for your savings as that will give you the idea of premium payment and the amount you will receive on the date of maturity.

LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator with service tax will help you to get the exact amount for the payment of service tax as after the GST regime 18% of GST is applicable for different life insurance policies so the calculator will help you to get the exact amount to be paid as the premium.

If you want to view this application on your mobile then LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator software free Download for android mobile is available and if you want to vie the same in the laptop then you can view LIC New Children Money Back premium calculator free Download for laptop where you can get all the details that you require and the plan your investments accordingly.